Moisturizing combo for every skin

65.80 with VAT



Moisturizing combo contains:
Energizing lotion with active oxygen, 100 ml
The Oxy addict lotion formula has been prepared with regard to your most common skin problems: “thirsty” skin, loss of elasticity, inflammatory processes (rashes, acne), dry, sensitive, rough skin or pigmentation.
Rejuvenating skin cream with active oxygen, 40 ml
Skin rejuvenating cream with stabilized oxygen content is suitable for women and men of various ages, but we especially recommend it for more mature skin, which lacks hydration, elasticity, fights pigmentation, inflammatory processes and needs to unify the tone.
At about the age of 25, our skin begins to age, so the most important role of cosmetic products is to maintain its natural hydration for as long as possible, provide balanced care for rapid regeneration and provide protection against adverse external influences.