About brand

The Oxy Addict natural cosmetics brand came to fruition during a conversation between two passionate businesswomen. Each of them is a professional in her field: Ing. Martina Dudová, PhD., 2017’s Businesswoman of Slovakia in the Most Successful Self-Employed Woman category; and Julianna Hložek Grmannová, 2016’s Businesswoman of Slovakia in the Absolute Businesswoman category. The passion these women have for what they do led them to think about how natural cosmetics could be combined with active oxygen. After many months of tests, trials and creativity, they came together to create the final composition of oxygen cosmetics, which are not only rich in stabilised active oxygen, but also in natural ingredients that supply the skin with everything it needs.Oxy Addict natural cosmetics with stabilised oxygen content are suitable for women and men of all ages, but we especially recommend them for more mature skin that lacks hydration and elasticity, or that struggles with pigmentation and inflammatory processes, and is in need of skin tone unification.

Ing. Martina Dudová, PhD.

Ing. Martina Dudová, PhD, is the founder of the Navia cosmetics brand, which she started while working on her PhD in Chemistry. She produces natural cosmetics, with an emphasis on a high content of natural active substances that support the natural functions of our skin. Oxy Addict also incorporated scientific knowledge about the healing effects of natural ingredients during the development of these oxygen cosmetics.

Martina is a Technical Guarantor and a Chemist who, thanks to the manual production of her cosmetic products, managed to stabilise oxygen and thereby helped to create Oxy Addict.

Julianna Hložek Grmannová

Julianna Hložek Grmannová’s business began after an unpleasant life experience – overcoming an oncological disease, which she describes as like having been born again. It was while undergoing traditional cancer treatment that she decided to also try other alternative treatment supplements – including oxygen therapy, which ended up helping her greatly. She therefore decided she was going to help others using oxygen and its unique properties. Julianna has been operating the Oxyslovakia oxygen centre for 14 years now, and is also behind the creation of Oxywater. As a result, if there’s anyone who knows about the power and benefits of oxygen found in Oxy Addict products, it’s definitely Julianna.