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What we need the most right now is OXYGEN. I am writing this review while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic - i.e. completely without professional oxygen treatments. This is what my 48-year-old skin looks like in the morning after applying OXYGENIUS SKIN CARE. I have been treating my skin in the morning and in the evening at home, with the COMPLETE oxygen SLOVAK cosmetics from Oxy Addict. I use the oxygen cleansing lotion and tonic in the morning and evening. Then I immediately apply the oxygen cream, and in the evening after cleansing, I also use the OXYGEN mask – I apply a single, thin layer as a night cream.☘💨💦As a result, I am hydrated and my skin has become rejuvenated even during the coronavirus period. #stayinghome and staying beautiful💨💙💦
Julianna Hložek Grmannová (48)
Businesswoman of Slovakia 2016
I learnt about Oxy Addict cosmetics just after they first came out. I tested some of the first available samples and I have to say, they were pretty great even back then. The most interesting thing about the brand is that it can be used for all skin types, indiscriminately.
foto milena zampova
Ing.MIlena Žampová (51)
Publisher of Lifestyle titles for
I have been using the entire Oxy Addict range for about a month now, and my skin has shown some visible changes. I now have a smoother complexion and my colour irregularities and redness have improved. These cosmetics also smell very nice and I’m confident that they work. I definitely recommend trying them!!!
Mgr. Miriam Mistríková (48)
CEO Etol SK (IFF flavours&fragrances)
To start with, I simply must say that OXYGEN is a miracle! I’ve been drinking Oxywater regularly for 5 years now. It’s been a lifesaver while driving and exercising, and has also been good for my digestion. Ever since the cream came out, I’ve been using it almost every day. I must say that it is not only rejuvenating (I may see the results in a few years), but it is also my new “dermatologist”. After using the cream, the skin on my face and neck is soft, smooth and radiant, and it can finally breathe. I also use a mask from the latest Oxy Addict cosmetics series. I apply the mask as a thin layer on my face every evening, and leave it on during the night. In the morning I have tight, radiant skin. But best of all, this mask has finally helped me with my acne. Within a week, the red acne on my face disappeared. I am extremely satisfied with these cosmetics, and I highly recommend this range to everyone. Our faces and skin deserve the best 🙂
Veronika Mikušová
I’ll be turning “55” this year, and what does my skin have to say about it? Before learning about Oxy Addict cream, I had never experienced that amazing breezy feeling of clean air on my face and cleavage area. I always say that age is just a number, because a person who loves life doesn’t worry about the number of wrinkles they have on their face. And thanks to the new Oxy Addict cosmetics, I don’t have to think about paying for cosmetic procedures. Six days ago, I added the mask for my face, neck and cleavage area from the new line to the cream I had already been using and let me tell you, I’ve never experienced a greater miracle than this. I apply a thin layer and leave it on all night. Then in the morning, after washing it off thoroughly, I use the oxy cream. My skin is tight, radiant, and is resistant to wind, sun and frost. I know that I won’t be needing anything else for my skin in the next 55 years. I’m thankful of the Oxy Family for taking such good care of me.
Eva Mikušová
I tried the face mask before applying the oxygen face cream. I don’t know what you put in these creams, but my skin has never been like this after using the other creams available on the market. The thin film stretches my skin, moisturises it and makes it more elastic. I now have beautiful smooth, radiant and fresh skin. I’m really very pleasantly surprised. I’ve already been thinking about who I can treat by buying them the whole set. Thank you.
Ing. Monika Tabriz (48)
Businesswoman and Economist
“I’ve been suffering from a very aggressive type of acne on my face for 4 years now. I really tried everything - and even the doctors couldn’t help me. After I listened to Julianna’s advice, I bought your oxygen cream and was utterly amazed. All the years I had wasted trying different chemicals were replaced, after just a few days of using OXY cream in combination with the skin tonic and lotion. My skin stabilised within 3 days after using the cream, and my wounds began to heal beautifully. I was so surprised, and I didn’t even recognise myself in the mirror. Overall, I feel like my skin is getting back to normal. These products not only improve my skin but also change the way I view myself. I highly recommend Oxy products, and I believe the Nobel Prize for work on the effects of oxygen was not given to these gentlemen by accident, because oxygen truly does MIRACLES!”
Nikodem Babjak
“I’ve tried many different types of cosmetics, but this product line is unreal. The results I have seen on my skin after just a week of use are incredible. My skin is radiant and fresh, and I can see it getting better every day.”
Linda Pavlova (34)
Luxury Niche Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator
“The consistency is incredibly light. This is the only cream I’ve used that doesn’t make my face sweat in the summer. I have problematic skin, and I always feel a tension on my skin. But after using Oxy Addict, I had soft, smooth skin. I didn’t even feel it pulling me. It was like a balm but for my skin.”
Želka Fraňová (41)
“I was impressed with Oxy Addict’s consistency and fluidity. All it took was just a tiny amount for my skin to receive just what it needed. Now, my skin stays hydrated and has even become radiant. Even on just the third day, I could feel how good it was for my skin, so I will definitely stay true to this brand.”
Miriam Veterníková (46)
“I’ve been using natural cosmetics for years, and have avoided chemicals. I became fascinated by the consistency of Oxy Addict in the summer months. It is absolutely fantastic. My skin did not become irritated or red, even after applying it around the eyes. My skin felt nourished with no sweating in the T-zone. it’s absolutely fabulous!”
Mgr. Inna Semiglazová (37)
SofMarketing Ambassador
“Right after applying it to my face for the first time, the lightness of the cream really appealed to me. My skin became fresh, radiant and soft, with no heavy greasy feeling.  But what really won me over was the unique and pleasant smell of cucumber, which I fell in love with.  I’ve finally found the cosmetics that work for me.”
Ing. Martina Langová (33)
“I started using Oxy Addict cosmetics in the wintertime, when my skin was drier than usual. This fluid absorbed wonderfully and my skin stayed radiant and healthy. During the summer months I sweat more. This is the first cream I’ve used before applying makeup, where my makeup has lasted all day long as a result. I really saw the first results after just a few days. I use the cream in the morning, and my skin really glows. Previously, I had areas where I was sweating a lot and had oily skin and dry skin again. This cream harmonised and unified my skin beautifully. I have also noticed that it helps heal minor rashes. As a businesswoman and single mother, I don’t have much time to rest. This cream is my morning salvation because after using it, my skin is in absolute TOP shape!”
Ivana Rosova (42)
Businesswoman and Fashion Designer
“The cream is simply great; it’s excellent. My main problem - dry skin - was solved by this cream virtually instantly. If I moisturise my skin in the morning, it still feels hydrated in the evening. Thank you.”
Andrea Čurná
PR Manager