Oxywater, oxygen water, unflavored 24x 250 ml

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Oxy Addict natural cosmetics with stabilized oxygen content is suitable for women and men of different age categories, but we recommend it above all for mature skin that lacks hydration, elasticity, fights pigmentation, inflammatory processes and needs to unify the tone.
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Thanks to the natural antiseptic nature of concentrated oxygen, when you drink Oxywater you can feel:

  • natural energy – Oxywater contains 10x more oxygen than drinking water
  • antiaging effects on the skin
  • influx of concentration, is suitable for driving
  • a feeling of lightness in the stomach, ideal especially before sports
  • anti-inflammatory effect of highly concentrated O2
  • feeling of clean vocal cords
  • smooth feeling of the teeth thanks to the antiseptic ability of O2
  • increased performance in sports
  • brain activity support

0 sugar – 0 sweeteners – 0 caffeine – 0 taurine – 0 preservatives

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