Cleansing combo for fresh skin

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The cleaning combo contains:
Energizing lotion with active oxygen, 100 ml
Energizing lotion is suitable for cleansing and toning the skin for women and men of various ages, but we especially recommend it for more mature skin, which lacks hydration, elasticity, fights pigmentation, inflammatory processes and needs to unify the tone.
At about the age of 25, our skin begins to age, so the most important role of cosmetic products is to maintain its natural hydration for as long as possible, provide balanced care for rapid regeneration and provide protection against adverse external influences.
Cleansing and make-up removing lotion, 100 ml
The drier the skin, the more visible the wrinkles. Therefore, when creating the recipe, we relied on vegetable oil from cucumber seeds, almond and castor oil instead of synthetic emollients. Using them, we focused on the protection of the lipid film to prevent transepidermal water loss, which dries the skin, is more sensitive, thinner, deformed, the pores expand and is prone to inflammation.
Cucumber oil is characterized by its fresh scent and is rich in antioxidants and phytosterols, supports skin elasticity, helps stimulate and regenerate skin cells and also acts as a regulator of sebum production.